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Painting helps me to relieve pressure. It also helps me to discover what's inside me. I realized that there was a little girl living in a colorful world inside of my body, after my first try with water color pencil.


Thanks to William Doran for the surprise! You made my day! I love this postcard very much. I'm impressed by the amazing images of animals. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park looks awesome. It's one of the places I like to visit and explore the beauty of the earth. I love 閃耀的鹿, black bears, and mountains.

I received the postcard last night and I decided to draw a painting in return. I spent some time this morning working on the new style. Hope it looks good!

Happy hands

My new friend, 小隆, was diagnosed with down syndrome when he was little.  A brain lesion disturbs his hand functions. When I first saw him in 2017, he was cleaning the classroom. I was impressed by his dazzling smile.   I decided to paint happy hands for him. I hope this painting could encourage him to move toward his goal of building a self-sufficient life. ( Edited on March 24, 2017)

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