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[長篇英文寫作練習 ]美好的公路旅行 讓我對Toyota Altis 11代與 10代如此著迷

Updated: Jun 4, 2023

Having a 10th-generation Toyota Altis that is of good quality and in good condition is my dream. I am glad that with my Uncle Beson and my parents' help, I made my dream a reality smoothly in less than one month.

Uncle Benson and my parents provided me with a lot of valuable advice while visiting car dealers, including 巨將汽車. The quality and performance were my main concerns in terms of buying a used car. However, my concerns went away quickly when I first saw the car and had a conversation with Mr. 蔡. All thanks to Mr. 蔡 for his instant service and assistance. As a beginner driver, I had no idea about cars but Mr. 蔡 always replied to me nicely and provided me with all information I needed. Overall, I enjoyed the journey a lot. It only took me less than two weeks from searching to placing an order.

The reason I insisted on choosing Toyota Altis was because of two wonderful road trips that I had with Uncle Benson recently. In the middle of March, he arranged a family trip to Alishan. On the way to the mountains, I asked him a lot of questions about cars because I was learning driving skills. I have started learning to drive since the end of February. Since then, I have volunteered to be the driver while traveling with my parents. However, a car I had for practice was made in the 1990s. Even though the car had some unsolvable problems, I still appreciated having it on the road.

Surprisingly, Uncle Benson let me drive his 11th-generation Toyota Altis when we returned from Alishan. It was my first time touching such a high-end car with high-tech specifications. Sitting in the driver's seat in Altis and experiencing the nice comfort of a long drive was amazing. That unique driver's feeling impressed me a lot.

At the beginning of April, Uncle Beson started to train me and guided me through the tips on driving. He even arranged a second drive for me. We headed to the east of Taiwan for a one-day trip. Last time we took National Highway No. 3. to Chiayi, this time we took South Link Highway to Taitung. We drove through Kenting to Taitung Tamali. Beautiful sea views made our travel with Altis remarkable.

After those fantastic driving experiences, I spent a few days looking up the internet to do some research. In Taiwan's used car market, Yaris and Vios are popular items under my budget, but a 1800c.c. Altis 10th with 4-speed automatic transmission is my first consideration, in a hope to strengthen my driving skills and learn from Uncle Benson.

(A group picture with Mr. 蔡)

The family road trips opened a new chapter of my life. Now, with my Altis, I have confidence that I will become more skillful. I am glad that I made my dream a reality before my birthday. The memory of the Toyota 11th-generation and the newly purchased 10th-generation are my best birthday gifts. Furthermore, I can't wait to kick off the third road trip with Uncle Benson!

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