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A Hidden Coffee Shop Has Redefined Tainan: An Old City Full of Coffee Flavors

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

這天我們搭上了火車,到遠方旅行, 嘟嘟嘟緩慢的區間車,放輕了城市生活腳步。

這趟古都慢活之旅,沒有緊湊的行程, 只有悠閒地坐在我們都喜歡的咖啡館裡, 還有衣索比亞(日曬)花蝶Mini、亞美利卡諾與拿鐵。

那天星期日的午後,媽咪沉浸於張曼娟的書籍, 我打開筆電,不時觀察咖啡師的手沖,也紀錄這趟古城之旅。

兩個禮拜後的今天,很開心文章終於完成了。 照片與文字的排版,也是自己喜愛的風格之一。

與媽咪約定好,下次還會再搭乘這班特慢車, 一路向北方前進。


What comes to your mind when talking about Tainan city? You may think of history, traditional culture, and local snacks. However, there is a coffee shop that may change your idea.

Hiding in a tiny quiet street, St.1 Café, is hard not to be noticed while passing by for its unique 3-floor building and blue signboard. After taking off the train, my mother and I took a taxi. It is only about 3 minutes away from the Daciao train station. A short distance from the station makes it very convenient to find. Especially for big fans of coffee, just like us, having a dream of discovering the best coffee and taste across Taiwan.

Established in 2014, now the owner of St.1 Café has opened its 2nd store located downtown. Both of them have become attractive spots for coffee lovers. I found it accidentally while surfing online one day, looking for an independent coffee shop with fresh home-roasted coffee beans.

As we walked into the shop, the interior design quickly drew our attention. The elements they use, including the tiles and lighting, combine into the industrial style, creating a stylish, yet relaxing atmosphere. Moreover, what impressed me a lot is their accessible design for users with disabilities. Building an entrance with the ramp is one of the warm details that touched me the most.

Another thing that impressed me a lot was coffee beans. As a big fan of Ethiopia, I ordered the one with natural sundried process, named Mini. The flavor was fruity and smoothy. No words could express how much I enjoyed the sweet and sour lasted in my mouth every moment. Additionally, Mom was satisfied with Americano very much. Based on her experience, most of the Americano coffee she had was full of watery. Some of the body of coffee itself was a mixture. Surprisingly, St.1 Café has made ordinary Americano extraordinary. We couldn’t agree more that it was the coffee roaster who made our tasting journey amazing.

Finally, the staff's warm greeting makes customers feel at home. Even though they were wearing masks that day, we could still feel their energy and smiles. More importantly, there is no 2-hour maximum time limit. Customers are free to enjoy the different tastes of their coffee as much as they like. Not only has St.1 Café made the street alive, but it has also redefined the Tainan- An old city full of coffee flavors.

Store information:

St1 Café (Est. 2014)

Tel: 886-06-302-9366


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