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An inspiration from Singapore's Policy on Supporting Working Mothers

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

題目:淺談從新加坡政策 推測台灣出生率在COVID-19疫情下的影響

後記: 6/21初稿, 6/26完稿

筆記: in hopes of, that being said用法

Seeing the birthrate of Taiwan is decreasing year by year makes me a little bit worry. After watching today's headline on TV this morning, it reminded me of an online webinar I attended on June 8th. Mrs. Connie, one of the speakers for Tableau, shared her new findings on population growth in Taiwan through charts and analysis. The data provided by the official presented an unpromising outlook.

" Singapore government support working mother by providing a helper, in hopes of sharing the loading from mothers. The policy enables mothers to work more happily and efficiently." Connie shared with us the conversation she had with her colleagues while working in Singapore. Her talk inspires me to think more about my country :

-If women could enjoy working while raising children, it would be a better, more friendly environment for parents.

-If our government is willing to work toward it, Taiwan's birthrate and competitiveness would no longer become national security issues.

Recently, Taiwan is suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic. Learning from past experiences, those countries who went through the difficult time fighting against COVID-19, such as America, China, business activities have finally restored functionally day by day. That being said, their official data showed that the coronavirus crisis hurt their birthrate badly. Therefore, I assume that the number of newborn baby of this year in Taiwan would drop more. However, I hope the pandemic will end soon. I am looking forward to seeing all students back to school.

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後記: 6/21初稿, 6/26完稿

筆記: in hopes of, that being said用法

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