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An Unique Gift for the Warmest Medical Team

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

This Lunar New Year is very special to me. In order to express my sincere appreciation to these therapists, I made a secret plan , which was to take some photos for them. It means a lot to me because this team has accompanied me to overcome all kinds of difficulties, especially a few months ago, when I was suffering from leg and back. I had treatments before work every single day till I recovered. I am thankful for everything the clinic 嘉仁 has done to me.

嘉仁, one of trustworthy physical therapy clinics in Kaohsiung, is also renowned for its professional technique treatment and speech therapy for children. The team has helped many patients recover from severe accidents and surgeries.

This year, the therapists will continually assist locals with their specialities and offer physical medicine consulting services. With their medical assistance, I believe the elderly, patients and children will show smiles on their faces very soon; more importantly, their lives will go back to normal.

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