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Love Can Make a Difference

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Parents' unconditional love can make things possible. It makes miracles happen in the life of Liang. He is a man with Down Syndrome. He acts like a teenager but his actual age is 50. However, Liang’s young mind not only makes him many friends but also makes him an open-minded person. Furthermore, Liang has many accomplishments, including two opera experiences. His limited communication skills don’t stop him from being a stage actor.

Liang’s mother has been the driving force behind his achievements, leading him through difficult challenges and building up his courage. In order to prevent age-related diseases, she encourages Liang to go to rehabilitation center for special treatment once a week. To improve communication and social interaction skills, she supports him to join an opera group that consists of people who have intellectual disabilities, such as Down Syndrome and Autism. They have been trained more than half year for each performance.

The opera performed last month was successful and got much positive feedback from audience. The show changed the way people look at the uniqueness of every individual. I remember a night before the official performance, I saw Liang’s 80 year-old mother helping him dress up for the rehearsal. That night, she sat in the audience, watching her son for more than 4 hours till the rehearsal ended. Through her eyes, I knew that was the moment for which she had been waiting. Liang’s performance made her proud.

The rehearsal ended at about 10:20 pm. I was touched by seeing Liang’s mother holding her son’s hands tightly and walking out of the door together. That was a memorable moment for me. It made me think of my own parents. “ When was the last time I had walking with my parents?” “ Did I respond appropriately when they talked to me?” “ Is there anything I can do for them? “ From that day, I keep asking myself these questions very often; moreover, I cherish family time even more.

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