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See How a Coffee Shop in Kenting Raises Ocean Awareness

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

The Sea Turtle Café: Small Steps Make Big Changes


The Southern paradise of Taiwan, Kenting, is famous for its beaches and sunshine. Many surfers, scuba divers from all over the world regard it as a wonderland. However, it was Sea Turtle Café that made me come back to Kenting again.

Before heading to our destination, we ( Mom, Dustin, and me) stopped by Pingtung for a look at Shengli Star Village. The word Shengli means victory in Chinese, local people call it Victory Star Village. However, its English is Victory Star, V.I.P. Zone. As 3rd generation growing in military dependents' village, I was interested in these well-preserved historic buildings. To my surprise, the place has been redesigned to be an artistic center that gathers local creativity together in this area. Visitors come for hand-made products and traditional local food. It occurred to me my childhood memories while walking by these flat houses. The painting and trees surrounding us were more like a time machine, taking us back to1930's.

After landing off from the time machine, we headed off to a small fishing village- Wanlitong for Sea Turtle Café. Along beautiful wild coasts, the steel-gray skies and a drizzle followed us from the north, along the way from Kaohsiung city for about 60 miles. Nevertheless, the weather didn’t stop us from driving to the south. Luckily, the sun broke a heavy cloud and gave us a big warm smile soon after we arrived at our destination.

We spent the whole afternoon enjoying the tremendous ocean view and coral reef coast. It was our second time visiting Wanlitong this year. However, we were still impressed by the view of the enormous blue ocean. Additionally, on the right side of the front door at Café, the window presents an artwork mixed with all kinds of garbage, including water bottles, plastic bags. To raise awareness of marine protection, the Café owner provides one free cup of coffee for those who bring back a collection of plastic garbage from the ocean. “Most of the residents in Kenting have gotten used to bringing their reusables in a way to protect the ocean and marine life.” said a butler of Casa Ostia B&B. The conversation was started when she saw we were using our stainless spoons and chopsticks.

Casa Ostia B&B, which is right next to the Café, is run by the same team. What’s more interesting, the staff has the same feature that is warm and friendly. Furthermore, they are specialized in cooking. The breakfast they offered is full of nutrition. With healthy concepts and respect for nature, they not only grow their vegetable but also cooperate with local farmers. Moreover, the bar seats are suited for those who like to exchange traveling information with B&B butlers. Those who prefer to enjoy the ocean view from the room can bring delicious food back to their relaxing and cozy balcony. It is one of the factors that keep me coming back to Kenting. Maybe you will do the same after falling in love with its beautiful scenery.

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