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The Lover Story Has Just Begun

Updated: Apr 8, 2022




The most phenomenal moment I had while looking back over the past year was attending my cousin's wedding. Evelyne, my cousin, and I are so close. We spent time together almost every summer and winter school break when we were young. Interestingly, I remember the craziest thing we did together was to make a short film about our childhood in a military dependents' village where we were growing up. The film was made to commemorate the beautiful past with our grandparents and Huang Family. Luckily, our film was nominated in a film competition in 2010.

As a sister, I am more than happy to see her get married to Mr. Right. This is a new chapter of romance for a newly married couple. However, the wedding was postponed once due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Although Bride and groom were disappointed not to have their plan on schedule at that time, they managed to seek a new home and decorate their nest nicely and warmly. To be more precise, it was Evelyne who handled almost everything because the groom is a soldier, serving in the military in Kinmen, an island that consists of 16 small islands.

Living in different places, approximately 210 km from each other, is a truly long-distance romantic relationship. They are able to meet a few times a month only. Nevertheless, as I know, her boyfriend, now husband, sometimes happened to receive assigned missions from the army and had no choice but to fly back to the Kinmen when they were traveling on vacation. However, being a thoughtful girlfriend, Evelyne has never complained about it. On the contrary, she has been fully supportive of him. Attending her wedding and seeing her dressed as an angel walking down the red carpet with Mr. Right was the most beautiful moment that made me weep with joy in the past year. Today, on Lunar New Year's Eve, I sincerely wish them happiness forever. The love story has just begun, and the romance will never end!

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