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Hello Year of the Dragon

Looking back to 2023, my English level has increased at a higher level, at the same pace as the interest rate. Interestingly, following the Fed's statement has prompted my English progress in comprehension. Now, I can understand about 80~90% instantly while listening to the BBC radio. To my surprise, the breakthrough in financial comprehension was not as hard as I thought. Furthermore, I didn't do much for my study plan. What I have done is simply follow what I am passionate about.

Since last September 2022, I downloaded the transcript written in both Chinese and English to follow the Federal Reserve Chair's speech. Starting in 2023, I purchased some books on related topics to manage to not only learn the fundamental concept but also dig deeper. A few months later, I gradually learned more about the financial world. Overall, I found it interesting that higher interest rates not only made a significant impact on the global economy but also on my English improvement.

The decision I made in September 2022 led to a fantastic outcome. Furthermore, the actions I have taken along the way from the beginning have broadened my horizons. Now, business and financial English are no longer hard topics for me. Looking ahead to 2024, I will consistently learn English followed by my passion. Moreover, I firmly believe that the Dragon Year will be another turning point in my life.

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