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A 5-star Auto Service in my neighborhood

I appreciate Mr. 陳振茂 for his nice customer service. Without any questions, this is the best Toyota repair shop in my neighborhood. Last time when I came here, all the mechanics were busy fixing vehicles. Mr.陳 who is the leader of the shop came to me right away when he saw me. I thought he would tell me that I needed to wait for a couple of minutes until one of them was available. Surprisingly, when he knew why I came here, he squatted down immediately to fix my car.

Last Saturday, I planned to go back to the shop to find solutions to car scratches. However, I was too busy to make an appointment. By the time I arrived, the shop was about to close. Mr. 陳's customer service impressed me again. Not only did he spend much time explaining to a beginner driver, providing details on how it could be repaired to prevent metal from rusting, but he also rolled his sleeves and had it done.

These customer services were remarkable. If you need car repair services or have questions about cars, this shop is highly recommended!

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